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Tuesday, 31 October 2006 14:26 - where you are only as good as your latest review

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[] Food24 is rolling out a new-look website, which taps into the current online social networking trend, in keeping with the strategies behind new portal,
Food24 now features many interactive user features: readers can post their own tried-and-tested family recipes, find SA restaurants through a comprehensive directory and - most popularly - write their own restaurant reviews.

"Honestly? We're a little taken aback by the popularity of our new restaurant review feature. We've obviously tapped into something," says Sam Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of "We launched about 6 weeks ago and the area is already attracting over 12 000 unique users and getting over 50 0000 page views a month. On a single day, we received over 100 separate restaurant reviews. It seems SA consumers really wanted a place to share their views on the restaurant industry in this country... and we've been able to give that to them."


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