Wednesday, 28 October 2020

MyCyberCare and MyCyberDNA launch free breach report

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There is little doubt that cyber-crime is currently on the increase. In a 2020 report (source: Verizon) that analysed nearly 4 000 confirmed breaches, it was found that:

  • Over half of them (52%) were a result of hacking
  • Hacking statistics gathered in the report show that the second biggest risk was phishing, which accounted for nearly 33% of all data breaches
  • Malware is also a major culprit, responsible for 28% of the data breaches.

The report also found that 70% of the breaches were financially motivated and 43% of the breaches involved exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications.

Recognising that people are generally unaware that their cyber-presence is under attack, MyCyberCare and partner company MyCyberDNA have created a free tool for consumers and organisations to recognise threats and take remedial action.

The ‘HaveIBeenHacked’ tool provides a safe haven for people to run an entry-level breach scan. “It’s very easy to use the ‘HaveIBeenHacked’ tool. When users visit or they will enter the details of the email address or website URL they wish to be scanned and a report will be made immediately available to them,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO at MyCyberCare.

The report highlights where a person or business is already compromised in cyberspace and will provide suggested remedial actions.

"The ‘HaveIBeenHacked’ tool is completely free to use, but is complemented by a subscription to MyCyberCare’s full suite of 24/7/365 monitoring solutions for complete cyber peace of mind. This first-of-its-kind service in South Africa gives users the ability to quickly define whether their vulnerability has been breached and allows them to quickly implement both defensive and proactive measures to mitigate cyber-attacks.

Visit or now to try out the free tool,” says Campbell-Young.

For more information, contact MyCyberCare, +27 83 633 7947, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,