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Wednesday, 08 July 2020 20:10

Comcorp partners with German biometrics company BioID as trusted technology partner for Curata

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BioID PhotoVerify chosen for digital onboarding tool Curata. © BioID GmbH

Johannesburg, South Africa – July 8th, 2020 – Comcorp, a proudly South African supplier of innovative front end and middleware software to financial institutions and mortgage originators has partnered with German biometrics company BioID as trusted technology partner for Curata.

Comcorp products allow financial institutions to process credit applications in real-time by reliably sourcing important data and documents. As digital experts, Comcorp ensures immediate and trustworthy access to documents such as Bank Statements, Payslips, FICA Proof of Residency and Proof of Identity documents. Comcorp's latest innovation is Curata - a Biometric Authentication solution. Curata is designed to allow users to authenticate themselves using facial recognition against South Africa’s population register.

Comcorp has chosen German biometrics company BioID to provide biometric face matching and liveness detection for their established digital onboarding solution. BioID PhotoVerify enriches Curata to be a completely automated onboarding solution by performing a highly trusted face match and biometric anti-spoofing in real-time.

“Comcorp has chosen BioID as their trusted Technology Partner. After 26 years in the financial services business, the need to protect our customers and their data remain at the forefront of our business model. As technology advances, we need to ensure smooth but secure user experience.”, says Marcel Zeier, Head of Sales at Comcorp. “It is our view that BioID offers Curata the strongest levels of authentication with the frictionless user experience necessary for the financial services industry.”

Strong customer authentication (SCA) involving facial recognition and liveness detection supports regulatory compliance in line with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (POPI), PSD2, Open Banking and Open Data. Trust in general is still the biggest obstacle to overcome, for clients engaging in online financial transactions, as clients perceive their online information as being vulnerable.

Curata enables clients to be in full control of who accesses their data through the consent process, which is bolstered by full audit trails. The result is that customers remain firmly in control of personal information while ensuring data is securely verified.

About Curata
Presently our product stack includes a Secure Data Exchange that offers banks and other credit providers secure, encrypted access to proof of income, eKYC & FICA data. In a world of multiple digital identities, a person's consent becomes all-encompassing when conducting face to face and non-face to face transactions. Curata's facial recognition allows trusted authentication of their digital identity.

Curata offers the following benefits:

  • Other iterations of Curata include facial extraction and matching from a national identity document
  • A full API is available for integration into existing systems, websites or an App
  • Prevents Identity theft and eliminates fraud
  • Allows for fast credit application processes
  • Enhances non face-to-face transactions
  • Fully GDPR and POPI compliant
  • Open Data/Open Banking/PSD2 Ready and supports Zero Trust initiatives Curata is being used in the following case studies: Combatting fraud in the vehicle and asset finance Secure bank card

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About BioID

BioID offers liveness detection, facial authentication & identity verification as a Service. With 20 years of experience its special focus is on biometric anti-spoofing Made in Germany. In line with this, the company’s facial authentication service offers data privacy and security by design. BioID is guided by the vision to enable software-based biometric verification - with any device, for any application. The privately held company with R&D based in Germany has proven its technology through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations. 

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