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Thursday, 07 May 2020 10:38

SovTech extends Dedicated Software Development teams (DaaS) service to Europe and the world over

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SovTech is introducing a new resource for its growing client base in the United Kingdom as it continues to gain traction in the market after winning contracts and strategic partners in London. This follows the opening of an office in Paddington, London in 2019 to add on to the other offices in UAE, South Africa & Kenya.  

The dedicated software development model, aptly named DaaS or Developers as a Service is a model that allows one to increase your business productivity without increasing your operational expenses. It includes the creation of cross-functional and multidisciplinary Agile Scrum teams that allow for fast and iterative execution on client deliverables, within the Agile Scrum framework. These Agile scrum teams include the development team, product owners, scrum masters, business analysts as well as UI/UX design expertise. This fundamentally allows the client to focus on what they do best, growing their business.  “We mainly work in the financial services sector although we span across multiple other sectors ranging from Agriculture to other Tech companies. We are often approached by Venture funded Startups to build their businesses from the ground up.” said, Edward Vincent, Director of DaaS at SovTech.

Research has shown you can decrease dev costs by 60% by using a dedicated development team model. Research also shows a lot of corporates are more entrenched in waterfall practices, which means that they aren’t typically able to respond and innovate on market changes as fast as they would like to. We’re able to offer rapid development and innovation through our dynamic Agile processes, which allow us to quickly execute on client needs. Our Agile process is unique in the fact that before a line of code is written, upfront time is invested in establishing a shared vision, establishing the validity of the product strategy, developing the product roadmap and outlining the initial user stories. This period is known as Sprint Zero. The core value delivered during the sprint is that we can deliver production-ready pieces of software faster than traditional deployment cycles. This means feedback loops are shortened allowing for responsiveness to change. 

Other benefits of the DaaS approach:

  • Skills & Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Focused Approach
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Risk mitigation
  • Long-term engagement
  • Improved Company Focus 

SovTech works with clients and partners from all over the world in various industries and we know how different it is to build a software development team in different countries. Skills are scarce, Language barriers and costs can also hamper speed and quality of development.  Fortunately, with SovTech, we can help mitigate these concerns right away. By working devotedly on one of your projects, developers significantly contribute to the value of the whole company and increase your returns. When our dedicated team is working on your software, you can commit your time and energy to grow your business. Scale your business while we scale your tech. 

Let SovTech’s Developers-as-a-Service look after you and your business in this regard.Agile Scrum Teams. Sorted.

About SovTech
SovTech is a custom software development company providing complete software design and development service. SovTech delivers the best in class custom software solutions, elite software development teams and innovative cloud software to enterprise business across numerous industries.We believe new technologies are the lifeline of every business in the modern age and aim to connect businesses across all industries to innovative software, technological development, solutions and services, in a manner that’s faster, easier and better than ever before.

For more information, visit© 2020 SovTech. All rights reserved. SovTech and the SovTech logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SovTech in South Africa and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. SovTech,, (+27) 10 865 0161, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

We design, build, deploy and maintain innovative custom software that gives our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world class businesses. We help businesses grow, by delivering world-class custom software built by an elite and passionate team.

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