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Tuesday, 03 March 2020 08:31

1-grid is moving budding entrepreneurs online

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It is always heartwarming to witness South African small business owners in action. In early Feb 2020, we were introduced to Itumeleng Lekomamyane and his business Nton Nton’s.

This small business started with a father hustling to raise his child. He is now a budding entrepreneur. You can read more about his story here

At 1-grid we aim to invest in the growth of individuals and SME’s by moving them online. We are inspired by the initiative that individuals and companies take to enter the business market in South Africa. Itumeleng his limited time available to commit to moving his business online.

We decided to assist him in his growth by hosting and designing his website(s). Yes, you heard correct, he is the owner of two businesses – Nton Nton’s and Nokkoworx.

We look forward to working with this young entrepreneur and discover what the future holds for him.

20 years ago we took our first customers' business online. Yes, that makes us older than YouTube, Facebook and the iPhone, but we don’t think about ourselves as old, we're just experienced. We move with the times and 20 years have given us the knowledge to understand exactly what our customers need today. Our most recent innovation is our move from Webafrica to This gives us the space to grow locally and globally, to expand our offering, and to bring all of our customers' online business needs onto one grid. We assist SME's in South Africa to grow their businesses by moving online. We are everything online.

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