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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:08

NOMONDE MASANGO – QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER AT ALTERAM SOLUTIONS driven by her passion to produce excellent results

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Nomonde Masango is the Quality Assurance Manager at Alteram Solutions and has been working with the company since December 2017.  Her role involves managing a team of skilled Quality Assurance Analysts and Customer Care Consultants.  The team internally monitors quality in the service that the company provides its clients with as well conducting customer satisfaction surveys to receive external feedback from clients.  Masango comes from a background of providing excellent service - from her first learnership programme when she finished high school – to her first job as a Call Centre Agent for an American company where she moved ranks as a Trainer Assistant to be a quality assurance analyst.  She then found a new opportunity at a reputable company and went into one of the Big Four Banks as a technical Helpdesk Specialist where she cultivated into management.  In the space of seven years she applied her skills in understanding the call centre world holistically and added value in all the organisations that she worked for during her journey.  Masango studied project management and was head hunted to be a Client Relationship Manager until her journey led her to Alteram Solutions as a Quality Assurance Manager.

“I love working with people as much as I love excellence, so my team knows that I always expect great effort, and combined, our efforts produce exceptional results.  My strict approach often disguises my nurturing ways, but I think that being able to teach, coach, motivate and bring out the best in people is the reason I have yielded incredible results when it comes to my work,” says Masango.Masango is currently involved in three different projects and says that it is interesting to be able to customise her functionality depending on the client’s needs and deliverables.  There is never a dull moment as it is all about working together with different teams to ensure the main objective is met.

“In a business world where there must be cost effective solutions, I am always trying to reinvent my approach and find ways of always adding value because my support function is delivered from a cost-centre environment.  Multi-skilling is a cost-effective solution that allows two roles to combine without depriving deliverables or compromising quality.  I am the ambassador of combining quality assurance and customer satisfaction as overall total quality management,” adds Masango.

Masango is a mother to an 11-year-old son and is also a God-fearing woman who balances her life between creating memories with her family, spending time with friends and empowering herself to be a constant blessing to others. 

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Notes to the editor
Alteram Solutions is a dynamic, black owned and managed level 1 B-BBEE ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and solutions provider.  Established in 2013, the organisation has achieved rapid growth over the years servicing high level clients in both the government and private sectors.  The company pro-actively and continuously seeks to assist organisations achieve their business goals through custom designed and integrated technology services.  With a passion for what they do, the team at Alteram Solutions comprises of qualified and dedicated professionals boasting an extensive amount of experience across a broad spectrum of IT (Information Technology) services and solutions.

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