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Residential Generators - The Benefits of DIY Electricity for the Home

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Residential Generators - The Benefits of DIY Electricity for the Home

With the government struggling to supply businesses and residents with consistent electricity, it’s no surprise South African’s are looking to take their electricity into their own hands (metaphorically speaking). Someone has to keep the lights on, and with so many South Africans working from home, many can’t afford to sit without electricity during the day. Not to mention isolating is hard enough without sitting in the dark with nothing to do, hoping the battery in your smartphone won't run out before the power comes back on.

With residential generators, you can confidently rely on your own home backup power to keep your lights on. And there are more than a few benefits and perks to using home generators. If keeping the lights isn’t enough, here are a few other things to consider:

Home generators keep you safe during load shedding

Most security systems are connected to the mains power. Opportunistic criminals thrive off of load shedding, using the grace period to break into homes under the cover of darkness. And when the power is off for a few hours at a time in the evening just as frequently as it is during the day, criminals have plenty of time to target more than one household a night. But with residential backup power, you can keep your home security running, as well as your lights, making you less likely to be targeted.

Backup power protects your appliances from surges

When the mains power does eventually decide to come back on, sometimes it can cause dangerous fluctuations in voltage that can cause a surge. This also happens when it turns off, which can mean seriously bad news for appliances. But by turning your home backup power on just before the power is due to turn off, and turning it off again only after the power is restored, you can protect your appliances from dangerous electrical surges.

Residential backup power protects food and perishables

The first thing our minds go to when we know the power is going off is that we’ll lose our lights and entertainment. But something else to consider is that fridges and freezers lose their power as well. And when the power goes off for well over an hour every time, your food runs the risk of at least partially defrosting. Food often cannot be defrosted and then frozen again, which can lead to a serious waste of food. Backup power ensures your fridges are still running, protecting you from wasted or contaminated food.

Opt for Residential Generators from Pen Power

By investing in a reliable brand of generator, not only can you guarantee your lights stay on, but you can find the perfect generator that works for you. Whether it’s quiet, fuel-efficient, easy to operate, or all of the above you’re looking for, Pen power has the home generator for you.

And with a range of engine’s available, from Kohler generators to Perkins generators and more, our customers are spoilt for choice. Our maintenance team at Penpower is well versed in repairs and services for a number of generators, with parts available to support our customers long after the initial purchase.

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