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Sunday, 10 May 2020 22:32

Horizon Pool Shapes

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Horizon Pool Shapes

No matter where you’re installing your fibreglass pool, you’re going to have the desired look and feel for it. From the tiles to the garden, from the edge of the pool to the lights and water features. And ultimately, the shape of your pool. We offer an extensive range of fibreglass pool shapes to meet any desire or requirement.

You may want a small pool for just sitting and relaxing in, or you may want a large pool for your family. You may like your pool to be geometric with simple, rectangular shapes, or you may like more organic shapes.  Rest assured we’ve got a pool size and design for you.

Either one will offer a different aesthetic to your garden and home, so we highly recommend you take a look at our range below to see what we have to offer. You may even feel inspired to try some custom pool designs that may better suit your style and home.



Horizon Pools

At Horizon Pools you are more than welcome to visit our large well equipped, modern factory in Strand, Western Cape. We will show you around and we make a great cup of tea or coffee, anytime.

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