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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 09:44

HFT offers fluid conditioning equipment for hire

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HFT offers fluid conditioning equipment for hire

To aid plants that are unable to procure capital equipment for their fluid power applications, Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) offers a range of Hy-Pro Filtration fluid conditioning equipment for hire. These units are available on a day-to-day or month-to-month rental contract, bringing flexibility to the offering. A comprehensive equipment inspection checklist ensures all equipment is production-ready before leaving HFT’s premises in Spartan, Johannesburg.

HFT’s fluid conditioning equipment hire range consists of:

  • Transfer units (filter carts)
  • Vacuum dehydration units
  • Compact filter units
  • Soluble varnish removal skids
  • Diesel coalesce and filtration skids
  • High viscosity filter carts
  • Portable fluid monitoring devices
  • Heated filtration Systems
  • Phosphate ester conditioning systems
  • COT turbine oil conditioning systems

“Compared to the industry norm, our equipment provides the best technical performance to required specifications in a short time,” says Sandor Bottyan, HFT General Manager. “All equipment is sufficiently versatile in that it can be used to suit a variety of applications without any major modifications.” He adds that the running costs of Hy-Pro fluid conditioning equipment “are significantly less than those from competitor companies.”

Generally used for applications in the power generation, steam, marine, aviation, process and injection moulding industries, as well as refineries, all hired equipment is available directly from HFT. “Making this equipment available to plants for rental periods is another example of how we live our motto – ‘We Move, You Win’,” Bottyan concludes.

Hytec Fluid Technology stocks and supplies a wide range of fluid conditioning equipment backed by expert technical support. The company is ISO-9001 accredited.

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