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Sponsors of Brave: The Gratitude Season - nominee 6: Jacqui Clapton from Clubville Pharmacy in Mpumalanga

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Sponsors of Brave: The Gratitude Season - nominee 6: Jacqui Clapton from Clubville Pharmacy in Mpumalanga

Meet Jacqui Clapton

Watch as the community of Middelburg showers Jacqui Clapton and Clubville Pharmacy with gratitude. Jacqui is a pharmacist at Clubville Pharmacy who has become an emblem of well-being to the Middelburg community.

Jacqui Clapton is the head pharmacist at Clubville Pharmacy, she and her colleagues serve as a ray of hope and upliftment to the community of Middelburg in Mpumalanga.

The pharmacy says their focus is on people and how they can go the extra mile to assist their community - not only with their medication but their emotional well-being as well. It is this attitude that has made them a beloved emblem of well-being to the community.

From sponsoring the physiotherapy treatment of children in the community, fundraising for drought relief, supporting the Middleburg Hospice and always assisting with medical supplies for the local SPCA – Jacqui and Clubville Pharmacy never shy away from being able to make a difference. Beyond this, the pharmacy also gives support to the Mid Hartklop organisation – a non-profit that assists the less fortunate with resources and regular volunteer work.

When tragedy struck and the pharmacy burnt down in April 2021, the team were up and back at work the next morning, more than ever ready to continue to give back and ensure the community got the help, assistance and medication they needed - even if it meant working from make shift tent facilities.

It is because of this continued commitment and passion to serve that the community of Middleburg and their collaborative NGO’s and NPO’s united to celebrate Jacqui and the pharmacy and take the opportunity to say thank you.

Watch the video below to hear more about this incredible story:

Meet Pharmacist Jacqui Clapton (

The registered NPO Jacqui and Clubville Pharmacy have nominated is: Bathesda House of Hope

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Why Sponsors of Brave

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic significant changes to our daily living have been experienced which has resulted in the dampening of the spirit of many South African residents. In light of this, and to work towards restoring belief and hope, it is Adcock Ingram OTC’s ambition to encourage our frontline HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) of South Africa, to continue to make a difference in the world and to recognise many of these individuals for their selfless sacrifice during the surge of the coronavirus infection. The HCP fraternity including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and other allied specialities. This campaign will allow pharmacy healthcare professionals to nominate themselves or be nominated by peers and other South African residents for a life-changing opportunity under the banner of bravery. Eight of these nominees will have the chance to share their story in a featured video and be treated to a ‘gratitude shower’ by members of their community and two lucky winners will get to pursue their ‘passion project’ through the campaign. This campaign is not just about these fearless pharmacists, but a call to action to all South African residents to recognise, celebrate and begin “THANKING THE BRAVE” HCPs in our society by nominating them for this worthy prize.

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Adcock Ingram OTC (over the counter medicines) is a leading and proudly South African healthcare company providing quality products to improve the health and lives of the communities it serves.

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