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What is a fire sprinkler inspection?

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A fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against fire for most businesses, homes and offices. But watch out – if you don’t take care of your fire sprinkler, it won’t take care of you! If you follow the maintenance procedures outlined below, your fire sprinkler should provide you with years of fire protection.

What is a sprinkler inspection?

Fire Sprinkler inspection is a careful examination or scrutiny or close look of all sprinkler heads, gauges valves, mechanical damages, human sabotage or error including the pipes and fittings

How often do fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected?

In accordance with SABS 0287 an inspection for a sprinkler system is required every 13 weeks in South Africa.In terms of the ASIB 10th and 11th Edition, a biannual inspection is required by a suitably qualified person or company

When to Schedule Routine Fire Sprinkler System Inspections?

According to ASIB, you should have your fire sprinkler system inspected every three months. In addition, you should have your sprinkler system tested whenever you:

  • Add or change a backflow preventer or water meter
  • Change the occupancy or use of your building
  • Remodel your home, office or restaurant
  • Encounter changes in public water supply, such as in response to water shortages

Without routine fire sprinkler system inspection you may not notice that something is wrong with your fire sprinkler system until it fails to turn on during an emergency!

According to Bizzy Fire Control Managing Director Mr Bothwell Manyame these are ways to keep Keep your fire sprinkler system safe

In addition to having quarterly inspections, there are a number of steps you can take on your own to make sure your fire sprinkler system in good shape and will be able to protect you at a moment’s notice.

  • Do not paint your fire sprinkler heads
  • Never hang anything from your sprinkler heads
  • Don’t stack anything within 18 inches of your sprinkler heads
  • Always report damage to your fire sprinkler system to a accredited fire protection company
  • Always make sure your control valves are in the open position ASIB recommends that you check this once a week, but really, if you don’t touch them you’ll be fine)

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your building and never having it inspected is like buying a brand new car and never changing the oil. If you operate a business in the Johannesburg,Nelspruit or South Africa and think you might be behind on your fire sprinkler system inspections, contact the experts at Bizzy Fire Control Fire today to schedule a fire sprinkler system inspection and protect yourself from fires. From design to installation we’re South Africa’s leading fire protection company.Delivering holistic fire protection solutions to South Africa and Southern Africa since 2010.

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