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Hyde Park Corner’s Health Works just got even better!

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Hyde Park Corner’s Health Works just got even better!

One of Hyde Park Corner’s longest-standing tenants, Health Works (Lower Mall level near entrance two) has undergone a beautiful revamp and a broadened store offering with the inclusion of a wider range of health-based foods (including ready-made meals and vegan meals) and an extended healthcare offering.

There’s a tangible passion and energy when you walk into Health Works and at its core is the store’s founder and owner, Linda Weech. More than two decades later, she recalls how her store came to be: “Before Health Works became a reality, someone had mentioned a job opportunity in a health shop and I realised immediately that it was the perfect job for me. I don’t know where that immediate response came from, but I knew then and know now, what I do in my store is my absolute passion.’

In 1994, Linda happened to be driving past Hyde Park Corner and noticed a banner advertising a new section which had been added to the mall. With no money and virtually no experience, she had a meeting with the management of Hyde Park Corner and asked them to take a chance on her idea. They agreed and she borrowed R200 000 to open her shop… which did so well, she had paid back the loan within a year.

Linda’s passion is not only tangible, it is infectious. Her excitement permeates everything and everyone in the shop where each section is designed not only to draw customers’ attention, but also to educate.

Hyde Park Corner’s General Manager, Jacqui McGeehan echoes Linda’s enthusiasm: “To fully understand how multi-dimensional Health Works is, you need to experience the store firsthand. We are delighted to see how Linda has revamped her store which has been a valuable part of our offering more than two decades.”

Health Works’ services include a health coach and numerologist who both operate with pinpoint accuracy. The store also offers live blood analysis and the services of a trained doctor of Chinese medicine.

Each of the vast variety of consultants who can be accessed at Health Works brings with him or her a different knowledge set or approach to health and wellness. All are trained to listen, research, and advise within their area of expertise which translates into a truly holistic approach.

Linda’s latest addition to the shop is a food section which stocks not only takeaways, but also healthy ingredients including gluten-free products, further cementing the multi-dimensional approach to health. Health Works now also stocks a range of Lola Montez products.

Linda shares one last pearl of wisdom: “Although we stock some of the best products available in the world – thousands of them in fact – we sell only one, and that is health.”

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