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Bloom, in partnership with Momentum, makes private healthcare an affordable reality for South Africans

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Tony Taylor and John Kruger at the Bloom office in Umhlanga Ridge.

Bloom was launched in March 2020 by John Kruger and Tony Taylor to make private healthcare accessible and affordable without sacrificing the quality of care. The company name represents their desire to improve the lives of South Africans, enabling growth through health. 

“Improving the lives of our customers is an ambitious goal that cannot be achieved without the right partner. That’s why we have partnered with Momentum to deliver Health4Me, which offers a holistic, cost-effective healthcare solution.” – John Kruger, Managing Director.  

Health4Me is an affordable healthcare solution for individuals and families. It offers excellent value and reliability due to Momentum’s extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare field and strong healthcare provider networks. 

The day-to-day health insurance options are priced from R447 per month and comprise of three options:  

  1. Bronze: designed to cover day-to-day needs and includes unlimited GP visits, acute medication, maternity benefits and more. 
  2. Silver: covers the essentials as well as additional benefits such as maternity benefits, dentistry, optometry, chronic medication and more. 
  3. Gold: covers all the benefits offered on the Bronze and Silver options, plus specialist visits. 

Hospital cover for accidents and emergencies can also be selected with comprehensive options, starting from R686 per month.

Many South Africans are not aware that they qualify for tax rebates for qualifying medical expenses, nor how to claim these expenses on their annual tax returns. This means that they are losing out on this potential tax rebate. As a solution, Bloom offers a MediTax product that includes completing a full breakdown of the taxpayer’s qualifying additional medical expenses to assist customers with claiming these amounts back from SARS. Even if you have no qualifying medical expenses for the tax period, Bloom’s MediTax consultants will submit your annual tax return at no additional charge.  

Given the growing concerns for proper healthcare services in these uncertain times, Bloom recommends planning for the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones by taking out a health insurance policy or if needed, signing up for a medical aid scheme. To help you with your decision, Bloom has explained the key differences between health insurance and medical aid on their website. 

Bloom Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 50140).

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