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Monday, 11 May 2020 14:39

Engen fuels frontline health workers in the fight against COVID-19

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Engen fuels frontline health workers in the fight against COVID-19

As a company that cares deeply about the communities in which it operates, Engen is supporting the fight against COVID-19 by contributing R1 million worth of fuel to the Department of Health for the usage of frontline health workers, to power their emergency response vehicles. “It is these vehicles that will be used to transport our healthcare workers to where they are needed most.

Engen would like to pay tribute to, and applaud our amazing frontline health workers, who are the real heroes in the unfolding crisis,” says Engen Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Yusa’ Hassan. With epidemiologist’s and infectious disease experts forecasting a surge in infections, the Department of Health’s frontline emergency response vehicle fleet will continue to play a vital role in the extension of health services to less privileged South Africans.

“We trust that our fuel contribution will help ensure that our national health services are able to provide medical care to the most vulnerable members of society when it is needed most.” Speaking at the handover in Sandton on 7 May, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize commended Engen and encouraged private companies to donate to South Africa’s battle against COVID-19.

“We want to encourage others to come on board to give us support on a continuous basis,” commented Mkhize.   As South Africans face a severe threat to their health and collective future, Hassan says it is Engen’s patriotic duty to step up and support government in taking proactive steps to contain and overcome the pandemic. Adds Hassan: “Engen praises government for the urgent and comprehensive manner taken to manage the pandemic and to safeguard South Africans against COVID-19 infection.

“While the path ahead is uncertain, we at Engen firmly believe in the measures our government is taking to ensure the health and wellbeing of the great nation of South Africa. “And while we are grateful to our government, we are also humbled by the work of the many NGO’s, businesses and individual citizens who have all pulled together in an effort to combat the pandemic. The entire Engen family are with all of you during these challenging times” Engen’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19 includes a number of other investments, including R2.5m fuel and medical testing equipment to the Gift of the Givers for humanitarian relief.

Recently Engen also launched a campaign to support the fight against COVID-19 by educating local communities on safety measures to curb the spread of the virus by branding 35 spaza shops across the country with educational murals to convey important messages on personal safety. Furthermore, Engen fuel retailers from Johannesburg brought some hope and relief to the people of Diepsloot by distributing 1 000 food hampers and basic supplies, including blankets. “While we know it will take much more to alleviate the stress that many of our compatriots are facing, we hope our contribution will make a small difference to each person who receives the comfort of a helping hand as a result of our efforts,” adds Hassan.

It is a spirit of community support that has catapulted Engen to the forefront of the South African consumer’s imagination, explaining the company’s enduring success in surveys like the Sunday Times Top Brands, where it has been voted South Africa’s favourite “Petrol Station” every year from 2011 to 2019 and the Sunday Times Generation Next, where the youth have voted Engen the country’s “Coolest Petroleum Brand” for 10 consecutive years (2010-2019).

These accolades are further endorsed with Engen being recognised as the fastest-growing brand in the country by Brand Finance in partnership with Brand South Africa.  

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