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Thursday, 24 October 2019 14:27

Ten percent weight loss may reverse diabetes -- research

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Ten percent weight loss may reverse diabetes -- research

A 10 percent weight loss may reverse type 2 diabetes and keeping the weight off may dramatically improve health and stabilize cardiometabolic risk factors, according to new research.

A study by the University of Cambridge of 867 diabetics between 40 and 69, found that 257 patients with a weight loss of over 10 percent were in remission at the five year follow-up compared to those who maintained the same weight.

"Our results suggest that it may be possible to get rid of diabetes, for at least five years, with a more modest weight loss of 10 percent," said epidemiologist Hajira Dambha-Miller from the University of Cambridge.

Another study by the US’s Tufts University recruited 1 500 people with type 2 diabetes for a year-long lifestyle intervention and found that losing five to 10 percent body weight improved blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It further added that people who kept at least 75% of the weight off for another three years saw even greater health benefits.

"People tend to think of diets as short-term, but it's really something that has to be lifelong. If you've found a successful way to lose weight, don't revert to old habits. Figure out how to incorporate the changes you made to lose weight," said study senior author Alice Lichtenstein.

Health expert, Vanessa Ascencao says diabetes affects over 400 million people globally, over 3.5 million South Africans and it is the second most common cause of death in SA.

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“It also contains the revolutionary SA innovation green tea extract, Origine 8, and chromium which help fight heart disease, regulate blood sugar levels and counter cravings,” added Ascencao.

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