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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 16:22

It's important to 3 your heart

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It's important to 3 your heart

In South Africa, 225 people are killed by heart diseases every single day. A sobering number indeed. On the positive side though, up to 80% of heart diseases and strokes can be prevented.

While these conditions are often attributed to lifestyle choices, Dr Pamela Naidoo of the South African Heart Foundation says it’s a little more complicated than that. “I prefer to associate these conditions with ‘behaviorial choices’ rather than just ‘lifestyle’. Smoking or vaping, drinking too much, diets high in salt and sugar and high cholestrol all contribute to declining heart health, among other influences. We cannot overlook the fact that people are also genetically predisposed to some of the linked diseases depending on their family history, and these people especially should heed the advice to take heart health more seriously,” she cautions.

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in Lucky Star pilchards and sardines, are particularly important in maintaining heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids assist in decreasing blood pressure, can reduce blood clotting, decrease the risk of stroke and heart failure and may also reduce irregular heartbeats. Lucky Star products are also approved by The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, against stringent measures and through continuous testing.

'Lucky Star have been really good by following the regulatory framework as set out by our board, and the nutritional value of its products – overall – is high. The brand is serious about adhering to our guidelines in the interest of consumers.

Lucky Star products are accessible and affordable for most consumers and a brilliant way to add more Omega-3 fatty acids into the diet,” Naidoo explains.

Lucky Star products are also GMO free, high in protein, and contain no additional oil. The proudly South African brand is committed to sustainability, and, with over 800 000 cans consumed daily, confirms it is a flavourful favourite of the nation.

“Eating real food is always better than taking supplements. Nothing can substitute it. Lucky Star pilchards and sardines are an ideal way to incoporate more Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, and to assist in taking care of your heart health,” concludes Naidoo.

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