Thursday, 02 September 2021

All-Inclusive Fashion for All Women At Foschini

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All-Inclusive Fashion for All Women At Foschini

Donna, South Africa’s iconic plus-size fashion brand has now joined forces with Foschini -  offering its customers more fashion, more choice, even better pricing - with the same personalised service that our Donna shoppers have come to expect.

The Foschini brand’s decision to phase out the exclusive Donna destinations is the result of giving consumers more of what they want and supporting the brand’s belief in all-inclusive fashion for all women.

The All Woman fashion brand is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion – not just on paper, but in practice. It is intent on celebrating the beauty and diversity of each and every body, by seamlessly integrating Donna’s plus-size range, into the Foschini All Woman Fashion Range.

That means Foschini will feature fashion garments, from size 6/XS up to size 30/3XL. This fully inclusive, integrated brand experience gives every body the opportunity to feel exclusive. Now everyone can own it.


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