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The Hullabaloo About Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo Flooring - Elegant, Versatile, Stylish

The use of natural materials like bamboo is a fast-growing flooring trend, making it a popular wooden flooring solution, especially as people are becoming more ecologically conscious. As a result, the demands for products that reflect these values are on the rise.

Bamboo is grown primarily in southern and eastern Asia, where it is an integral part of the local economy. The species of bamboo used for flooring is commonly known as “Moso”, and it is the sugars in this bamboo that give it its beautiful natural colour variations.

What Is Bamboo Flooring?
While technically grass, bamboo is quickly becoming an industry favourite for environmentally friendly wood flooring. Bamboo is used as an alternative flooring because of its physical similarities to true hardwoods. Bamboo floors are also known for their strength, durability, eco-friendliness and natural resistance to insects and moisture.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bamboo Flooring?

  • It is an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.
  • It is durable and hard-wearing, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas.
  • It can be sanded to renew the look.
  • Bamboo flooring is available in a wide variety of shades and grains.
  • It has a high moisture resistance.

How Is Bamboo Flooring Environmentally Friendly?
The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that can grow to maturity in as little as three to five years.

Do Bamboo Floors Fade?
Bamboo flooring can fade over time, especially in constant direct sunlight. It is therefore advisable to avoid excessive direct sunlight exposure by using curtains or blinds in affected areas.

Is Bamboo Tougher Than Oak?
Surprisingly, it is. It has a tensile strength greater than steel!

How Are Bamboo Floors Cared For?
Like most hardwood floors, bamboo floors should be treated carefully. When mopping, it is best to use a dust mop to remove the dust and grime. A stiff-bristled broom can be used to remove more stubborn dirt from its surface.

Do Bamboo Floors Require Finishing Profiles and Skirting?
To complete your bamboo flooring installation, you will need finishing profiles and skirting. TLC Flooring in Cape Town has a wide variety of finishing profiles and skirting available to match your choice.

Is Bamboo Flooring Easy To Install?
The installation process of bamboo flooring is much the same as hardwood flooring. All subfloors must be flat, smooth, clean, dry and free of contaminants that can interfere with the adhesive bond. All subfloors should be tested for moisture content. Do not install flooring directly over the floor joist without proper subflooring.

Where To Buy Bamboo Flooring In Cape Town?
TLC Flooring has a range of bamboo flooring varieties and offers their clients:

  • Competitive pricing
  • 5-year guarantee on all installations
  • Experienced fitting team
  • Quality service
  • Stylish products & extensive variety

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