Monday, 03 August 2020

Twizza supports Proudly South Africa “Local is Lekka “buy local campaign”

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Buy Local

Johannesburg, 03 August 2020 - As a proudly South African company, Twizza supports the new #BuyLocalCampaign recently launched by Proudly South Africa. The new campaign calls upon us all to contribute to putting the South African economy and South Africans back to work by making the choice to buy local. Unemployment figures now stand at a record high of over 30.1%.

Our economy is under pressure as a result of Covid-19, and the impact on citizens has created severe hardships during the lockdown and the economic inactivity of Levels 4 & 5. There is an imperative for the entire country to get behind the “buy local” movement and take the collective responsibility of putting our economy back on its feet.

Twizza is a 100% homegrown, proudly South African company, founded in 2003 by Ken Clark in Queenstown after he stumbled across some antiquated soft drink manufacturing equipment. Having started out as a small start-up, through dedication and passion. Twizza now has manufacturing sites in Queenstown, Cape Town and Middelburg and is currently in the process of launching distribution depots in all major provinces, creating over 800 jobs for local South Africans.

Twizza is one of South Africa’s most popular soft drink brands, supplying loyal consumers with a proudly South African refreshment. Twizza as an organisation supports the “buy local” campaign and calls on all its customers and suppliers to take heed of the benefits of buying locally manufactured goods, while also understanding the consequences of not supporting locally-owned businesses.

“Support local businesses and participate in the regeneration of the economy. If the country fails to heed this call, the period of economic recovery for South Africa will be significantly longer and economic hardship more protracted,” says Lisle Clark, Twizza CEO.

Buy locally produced goods and services, buy Twizza and help contribute to boosting the local economy and creating jobs.

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