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Thursday, 09 January 2020 10:04

Grabbing the new decade by the horns

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Grabbing the new decade by the horns

Hansgrohe’s contributions to a Greener World. 

Mindfulness is an incredibly important concept in the world of Hansgrohe; to ‘be mindful out of principle’. As a company who handles such an important resource - water - Hansgrohe understands the need to use their expertise to create emotional experiences and useful functions for people so that we can all do our part to preserve the environment.  

Environmental Management 

Renewable energy has been a staple for the brand since the 80s, and in the last forty years Hansgrohe has implemented protection strategies at all factories and plants to better care for the environment.  Part of these strategies includes compliance with all local and international statutes to ensure complete compliance with environmental laws which appear to keep getting stronger.  Additionally, Hansgrohe strictly measures and records all data, to be used for better improvements in the future.  

Energy & Emissions 

The suitable use of energy sources, savings in energy consumption and efficient production are central goals for the Hansgrohe Group worldwide. The energy data recording systems which are in place are consistently analysed and utilised to further reduce the impact that the Group has.  This is achieved via technical precautionary measures, organisational changes and specific employee training. All of which are then further verified and evaluated.  Amongst the implementations made to reduce emissions you will find a smart model assembly line in the factory in Germany; compacted areas designed to maximise effectiveness and minimise waste, while fitting in the building in a space-conscious manner. In France, the implementation of LED lights has reduced electricity consumption by 20% in the Strasbourg factory. They also added modern air compressor to further reduce energy use.  In the Shanghai factory in China, Hansgrohe looked to reduce the impact of metal-casting by installing a modern cooling tower which can be switched off in winter. During the cold months, the heat from the metal-casting is used to heat the building. Genius.

In Practice 

These are only two of the multiple spheres in which Hansgrohe looks to increase environmental protection and reduce their impact - but they are two which further highlight how Hansgrohe continues to lead the field in all aspects of their business; from world-class products to world-class values.  

All while trying to save the world too.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water! 

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