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Wednesday, 04 December 2019 08:47

One Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

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One Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

A new year is around the corner and with it comes the chance to style your home, beautifully. It doesn’t have to be a major renovation, though, even a minor change can make a really big difference. Now is your chance to do all those smaller jobs you’ve been meaning to do for a while, one room at a time…

Update a small study or guest room
Small rooms need some thought in terms of how to fully maximise their potential, and the right window dressing can have a big impact on how the room looks and feels. Plantation Shutters provide a neat solution and, when folded back, they also maintain the room’s stylish and tidy feel.

Install shutters as a door
Shutters can be used as doors as well as window protection:

  • Instantly brighten your en-suite bedroom by replacing the door leading to the bathroom with custom-made Plantation Shutters. With a simple tilt of the louvres you can vary the levels of screening, whether you want complete privacy, or just a slight screening.
  • Have shutters on doors leading to an outdoor space, such as a patio – being able to open the louvres makes the most of the view to the outdoors and really opens up the room, letting the outdoors in whenever the weather allows.
  • Use shutters in the doorway leading to a dressing room or walk-in closet to streamline the look of your bedroom while adding architectural interest.

Add a layer of security
Use Plantation Security Shutters to secure an internal doorway between your living and sleeping quarters – it’s a stylish alternative for adding an extra layer of security at night. Plantation Security Shutters allow for a window or door to be left open with complete peace of mind, so consider them for windows that you would like to leave open, e.g. kitchen or bathroom windows.

Divide a room – in style
Room dividers are cost-effective options for creating separate spaces where no walls exist. Plantation Shutters can be custom made into floor-to-ceiling room dividers, bringing a high-end, contemporary look to your space. The shutters can be left open when free movement between the rooms is required, but they can just as easily be closed when necessary.

Offering an unparalleled lead time of 21 working days, with a five-year guarantee on the timber shutters and 10 and 12 years on the aluminium and security shutters, Plantation Shutters know exactly how to help you update your home, one room or window at a time.

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