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Friday, 25 May 2018 17:26

Vencasa showcases scented pillows

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Malouf Peppermint

Pillow Innovation, only at Vencasa, the home of Malouf Sleep Products

Vencasa has partnered with Malouf® Sleep to bring attainable luxury and sleep innovation pillows to you, from R 399, available exclusively at Vencasa-Tempur stores nationwide. To help you create moments of comfort and easy, beauty and elegance, every night. These pillows are scented!

When it comes to quality sleep, finding the right pillow can make all the difference. Vencasa introduces the Malouf Zoned Dough™ range. Meet the new proprietary foam that offers the quick-response feel and superior support of latex foam, plus the just-right cushion and contouring relief of memory foam. With all the best features combined, the unique Zoned Dough™ feel is loved by sleepers of all styles and preferences.


  • Airy and soft with a cloud-like feel, latex has a resilient response that actively supports and cradles.
  • The new proprietary foam offers a quick-response feel and superior support of latex foam, plus the just-right cushion and contouring relief.
  • Soft, supportive memory foam gently conforms to your unique body shape for customised comfort. It helps eliminate pressure points, aligns the spine, and provides extra support to the shoulders and hips.
  • Unique shoulder recess designed specifically for side sleepers for ultimate comfort and ergonomic support as helps to cradle the head while supporting the neck. The design helps reduce tossing and turning.
  • Zoned Technology® provides optimal comfort for your head and neck to correctly align your spine.
  • Zoned Dough® memory foam contours to the head and neck to relieve painful pressure points.

Something for Everyone

  • Peppermint pillow with a familiar, refreshing scent and thought to bring about clear breathing and clarity of mind. This pillow is infused with natural peppermint oil to calm and rejuvenate you as you sleep and known to help with respiratory function, ease tension headaches, and calm stress.
  • Lavender pillow comes with a dreamy lavender essential oil infusion. Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to naturally enhance relaxation with its calming scent and is known to induce sleep and regulate sleep cycles.
  • Bamboo Charcoal pillow is great for people with allergies or asthma, the pillow is infused with activated charcoal made from bamboo in the ActiveDough™ foam to help regulate moisture, odour, and temperature. This pillow is unscented and hypoallergenic - an excellent choice for people with allergies or asthma.
  • The Chamomile pillow is infused with the chamomile scent to enhance your sleep experience. Sweet and woodsy, the scent of the chamomile herb is known for soothing and uplifting the mind and body for natural relaxation.
  • The Lounge pillow by Malouf® features a shredded foam interior with a design offering enhanced comfort while reading and sitting upright in bed. Its overfilled shape supports the upper body, while the arm rests reduce arm and shoulder strain. Reduces shoulder and neck strain with arm rests for added comfort.
  • Extensive travel range for support and comfort.

Only at Vencasa-Tempur stores. Vencasa brings the art of sleep to your 'casa', from the smallest to the most essential sensory detail. We invite you to come home to Vencasa, The Sleep Experts, who bring you the world’s best sleep brands. For the ultimate bedroom experience, where you will find mattresses, adjustable bases, headboards and bedroom accessories, with several price points to accommodate a wide clientele. Vencasa is for people looking for high quality, yet affordable range of products.

Visit or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information or for your nearest stockist.

Vencasa, The Sleep Experts, know that your body, mind and soul deserve quality sleep, and provide a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it.

Vencasa was born from the legendary and reputable long-standing Pharmaline umbrella. Medically informed, scientifically sound and aesthetically magnificent, Vencasa brings the ultimate sleep solution to the market. Providing premium, high quality products with a range of pricing. Vencasa showrooms have created the perfect balance, where scientific research and product development complement their understanding of the sleep industry, while incorporating genuine care for each person's individual sleep requirements. Vencasa is proud to be the official and exclusive distributor of Tempur products, and world-famous brands such as Magniflex, Reed Family Linen and their own Vencasa Signature Collection.We have seen a need in the market for mattresses that are both quality and affordable. There is currently a gap between expensive sleep solutions and cheap mattresses which have a short lifespan and are counterproductive to health.” explains Greg Smart, Pharmaline, CEO. “Our drive is to fill this gap with premium products, that are priced realistically. Essentially, our value proposition is to provide the greatest sleep products at a practical price.”

Vencasa brings the art of sleep to your 'casa', from the smallest to the most essential sensory detail. We invite you to 'come home' to Vencasa for the ultimate bedroom experience.

Visit or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information or for your nearest stockist.

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