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Monday, 11 June 2007 17:14

Take a Fresh Look at SodaStream

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{pp}SodaStream, the brand which is synonymous with the childhood memories of many South Africans has been rediscovered as a contemporary environmental hero. SodaStream has reinvented itself with a whole new range of SodaStream machines, larger bottles and a wide variety of flavours, which promises to make SodaStream a firm favourite…
{pp}More than 50 centuries ago the art of writing was first invented and great masters like Shakespeare, Mozart and Einstein practised this art with phenomenal success. Two authors, Elmari Swart and Izak Smit, capture the essence of South African wine and travel in their new book and so joined the…
{pp}Memorials for everyone – In a break though development, new software has been designed to enable everyone to use the Internet to comfort people in their time of grief, through their cell phones.
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 19:53

Vintage Vespa Revival

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{pp}Icons of quality such as sleek sports cars and legendary Vespa scooters are synonymous with the Italian art of seduction. They’ve become international objects of desire. Owning a Vespa, like savouring a good espresso, has always been a guaranteed ingredient for locking into “La Dolce Vita”.
Wednesday, 17 January 2007 10:32

Intrepid explorers launch online wine boutique

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{pp}Twenty-six centuries ago, the Greeks brought the art of winemaking to the shores of France. Yet Dutch colonialists only introduced viniculture to South Africa in the late seventeenth century. Today, Jonathan and Leslie Maliepaard offer a broad selection of the finest local vintages via their newly-launched online wine store.
Friday, 10 November 2006 08:45

Hot, sexy and at a screen near you!

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{pp}What are you doing from the 14th November? Whatever else you have planned, cancel it and get yourself tickets to some of the hottest seats in Cape Town. Film has incredible power. No other medium has the ability to move and excite people as easily as cinema. Be transported into…
Monday, 09 October 2006 10:24

Getting married in Cape Town

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[] While getting married in Cape Town has always been the dream of many local women it is increasingly becoming the desire of a growing number of foreigners. In addition young South Africans who have left the country to take up positions in the UK, Australia and the US are…
[] In a 14 week series on Personal Branding, South Africa's largest radio station, Metro FM, featured The Seven Secrets of IziCwe: Personal Branding Strategies from Emperor Shaka Zulu
Friday, 29 September 2006 02:09

How Happy Are You?

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[] With the weather starting to improve and the flowers coming out, we should all be happy, but are we? Psychologists say it is possible to measure happiness and US Professor Ed Diener has created a happiness test to do just this.
[] In a recent issue of South Africa's leading daily newspaper, The Star, personal branding guru Timothy Webster reviews The IziCwe Code.
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 13:10

Solar Umbrella Launched

Written by
[] Solar Umbrellas Robertson (Western Cape) -At last: the Soekershof Solar Umbrellas are for sale. After an extensive test period of two busy seasons Soekershof Walkabout in Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa launches a range of handcrafted Solar Umbrellas on the market.
Thursday, 03 August 2006 22:10

Challenging the world of disability

Written by
[] ZIP ZIP MY BRAIN HARTS “Every parent’s secret dread is a ‘dodgy’ child.” – Angela Buckland. Zip Zip My Brain Harts is the result of an unusual experiment – a collaboration between photographer Angie Buckland and researchers concerned with disability issues. This remarkable series of photographs interspersed with challenging…

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