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Carbon Tax Training 07 November 2019

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Join us as we unpack the provisions of the new Carbon Tax Bill.

The Carbon Tax Bill which has been debated for the past 8 years has finally been signed into law and has been effective since 01 June 2019.   The Bill imposes a liability on the greenhouse gases emitted during the production of goods and services. The nominal tax rate is R120 per tonne  of carbon emitted, although with the various tax-free allowances the rate could drop to between R6 and R48 per tonne.

 Allowances included are:

  • a basic tax-free allowance of 60 percent for all activities,
  • a 10 percent process and fugitive emissions allowance,
  • a maximum 10 percent allowance for companies using carbon offsets to reduce their tax liability,
  • a performance allowance of up to five percent for companies reducing the emissions intensity of their activities,
  • a five percent carbon budget allowance for complying with the reporting requirements,·and
  • a maximum 10 percent allowance for trade exposed sectors.  

Our 1 day workshop will assist you to understand:

  • Who is liable for carbon tax   I The Greenhouse Gases  I The tax base - Scope 1 emissions   I  Rate of tax·Tax Period  I  Calculating emissions   I  Tax allowances and offsets  I  Sectors not covered by the tax  I  How to calculate tax liability and use allowances to maximise tax reductions 

Date:   07 November

Time:   9h00-15h00

Venue: 36 Wierda Road West, Sandton

Cost:   R2 950.00pp

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your seat

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