Tuesday, 30 October 2018

From Used Paper Towels to Firebricks

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Whilst paper towels from bathroom dispensers can be recycled, they really should not be. Given that they are used to wipe hands and mouths, they can harbour all sorts of bacteria which can contaminate entire loads of recycling.

We have therefore found another use for these towels, and for other paper products such as egg cartons, cereal boxes, and paper; the firebrick.

The firebrick is a paper bricks which is used to either replace or complement firewood as fuel for domestic purposes. These bricks are made of soaked and compressed waste paper, and are the eco-friendly alternative to cutting down trees for cooking or heating.

Benefits of using Fire Bricks

  • Reduce deforestation;
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) into the atmosphere;
  • Recycle waste locally No long walking to collect firewood;
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption;
  • Increased biodiversity;
  • A quarter brick boils 1 litre of water within 15 minutes in a traditional stove;
  • Approximately 3 - 4 bricks can cook a meal in a traditional pot;
  • 10 bricks can cook a meal in a traditional pot for approximately 40 people;
  • Paper bricks can be used in a coal stove;
  • Paper bricks can be used under 3-legged pots or in fire places.
  • The production and sale of paper bricks can be income-generating.
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