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New Entrepreneur? When is the best time to start a business?

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New Entrepreneur? When is the best time to start a business?

The combined effects of the pandemic and the state of the South African economy is exacerbating the unemployment figure and growing poverty in South Africa. With a 46% and increasing youth unemployment rate, we could face more riots in future. Although entrepreneurship offers an excellent opportunity for job creation, many are not taking the plunge because they are waiting for the best time to start that business.

But what many do not know is that the best time to start a business is now.

Willem Gous, the founder of The Human Entrepreneur, says, "There is never the perfect time to start a business. There will always be an element of uncertainty. Breaking through that uncertainty and starting a business is what creates the opportunity to make money and create a job for yourself by becoming a business owner". "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it", Gous says.

It takes 6 to 12 months

"But even when you do decide to start a business and form part of an incubator or business creation programmes you are faced with 6 to 12 months and having to attend countless training and this is too much to ask of anyone, especially when you are hungry and desperate now," says Gous.South Africa cannot afford to have people wait 6 to 12 months to start a business. Firstly because of the cost of such programmes and secondly the desperation and frustration on the ground. South Africa needs people to start businesses now, create jobs for themselves and to create economic activity in their communities.

Start a business in 5 weeks

Such a programme has been developed in Africa, for Africa, helping Africa solve its own problems. The Rapid Job Creation Programme, created by The Human Entrepreneur, finds entrepreneurs, builds businesses and creates jobs in five weeks or less. Africa Tikkun Services currently use this programme to help their alumni to become profitable business owners, create a job for themselves and become financially sustainable. 

Case Study

 "For example, in November 2020 we took 50 people from Diepsloot and Orange Farm in Gauteng and gave them the task of building a business in 21 days. They had to make enough profit to sustain the business owner. "From that process, 30 business were created - from mechanics and internet cafes to school transport and many more - and three months later, 85% of them were still trading while an additional eight businesses were started to create extra revenue streams. No coaching, mentorship or support was provided in those three months - the tools for resilience and adaptability were provided during the programme's roll-out," says Gous. Six months later, 62% of the businesses created are still trading. 

South Africa has a locally developed solution that can help the nation address joblessness and hopelessness by creating business owners in weeks and assisting people to become financially self-sustainable. Visit http://www.TheHumanEntrepreneur.org for more information or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Human Entrepreneur - We Find Entrepreneurs. We Create Jobs

We create jobs quickly by empowering youth, women and community members to become profitable business owners in a matter of weeks and sustain themselves financially through a unique human-centric approach and training programme. In November 2020. We took 50 people from previously disadvantaged areas in South Africa (Diepsloot and Orange Farm). They had to build a business in 21 days that make enough profit to support them financially. From that process, 30 business were created and were self-funded.