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Professional project managers one of the keys for driving economic recovery says PMI

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Professional project managers one of the keys for driving economic recovery says PMI

By George Asamani, Business development leader, PMI. 

South Africa, one of the economic powerhouses of Africa and a major contributor to the continent’s GDP, is presently at an economic crossroads. Although unemployment at just under 33% is a significant focus and needs to be addressed, sight should not be lost of the fact that it is skills that make the difference to an economy. The more diverse the fields in which these skills can be utilized, the more significant the contribution to economic activity will be, and the better the chances are for creating employment and improving the economy.

The point has often been made internationally that project management is a vital management discipline that underpins economic activity in sectors that range from the financial services industry to agriculture and through to construction and IT. When used in the public sector, it is also a skill that brings life to projects such as schools, roads, and other infrastructure projects that contribute to the quality of life.

South African business is currently also stressing the need for innovation as a requirement for stimulating economic activity. Again, innovation relies on project management as, without the skill, innovation cannot be managed and produce desired results. This holds true regardless of whether the innovation concerned involves developing a new product, a new process, or a new digital service. Disciplined project management will result in more successful outcomes being achieved more efficiently with proper control over resources and budgets.

In South Africa, it is estimated that the economy will need about 81,000 new project professionals by 2030 to keep up with the demand, according to Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Talent Gap Report. This includes project managers and changemakers across various economic sectors.

Realizing that in a country, which with Nigeria contributes 35% of Africa’s GDP, the lack of these skills translates into lost development opportunities and national prosperity. Therefore, our aim here is twofold; we are working to highlight the need for the professionalization of project management in South Africa so that the economy can benefit. Secondly, and more to the point, we want to help South Africans obtain internationally recognized qualifications that can help build the country’s future.

We have brought to South Africa our flagship Project Management Professional (PMP) course, one of the world's leading project management certifications that considers the demands placed on project managers in innovation-driven environments. The qualification meets the requirements of this Covid-19 age, as the certification can be obtained online.

Qualifying means equipping project leaders across industries with the skills they need. It will also help organizations seeking project management skills with a measure to find professionals who can competently deliver required project outcomes.

To ensure that the qualification is valued and that the appearance of PMP on a resume carries weight, we have set strict criteria for admission to the PMP certification. Requirements are that applicants have a four-year degree and 36 months of leading projects. Also required is 35 hours of project management education or training.

We recognize, too, that there may be people who do not necessarily have academic qualifications but who have been involved in project management for some time. Candidates who have at least three years of leading projects or meet other criteria can apply to be considered for PMP certification.

The certification covers leading project teams in a constantly changing environment, the technical processes required to manage projects, and connecting projects to meet strategic organizational needs.

Ultimately, Project Management Institute wants to create an understanding of the importance of having professional project managers in a business and create an acceptance of the PMP qualification which, in the USA, enables holders to earn up to 25% more than their colleagues.

To assist with obtaining the qualification, as an association promoting development, we have also ensured that South African applicants will pay a reduced fee by using discount code: AFPMP26PCT, making the course, normally charged in dollars, reachable for locals.

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