Thursday, 21 January 2021

Top 5 Business Trends for 2021

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Whoever thought 2020 would turn out like it did? As a result of the challenges faced, there is no longer any business today that doubts its ability to be agile. As the saying goes... when the going gets tough…  On the back of 2020 and amidst a second Covid-19 wave, companies all across South Africa are thinking differently about the future of their businesses in 2021 and beyond.  

We take a look at the business trends that will make it to the top of this year’s agenda:  

1. Remote Work  

Working from home has become normal for most businesses that are able to accommodate it. As countries like Japan are battling a third Covid-19 wave, who knows how long social-distancing will remain and what this could mean for traditional office spaces and resources? Remote working can have various cost-saving benefits for companies and it is very possible that, once life gets back to “normal”, many companies might continue working this way.  

2. Technology in the Spotlight  

With remote working conditions on the cards for many months to come, it will see a lot of companies invest in more advanced technology to ensure that productivity does not get affected in any way whatsoever. From advanced security, VOIP and video conferencing software, to new 5G infrastructure and VPS Hosting - better technology can help your business function optimally in 2021.  

3. Innovating the Business Model  

The industries most impacted by Covid-19 have had to innovate their business models to offer different services and products, or sell what they have in a different way. That is why more restaurants and shops are offering home deliveries, whilst eCommerce has really boomed overnight. The year ahead will see more companies pivoting their business models to look at opening up other market segments wherever possible.  

4. Local Remains Most “Lekker”  

“Supporting local” is a mantra that will echo throughout 2021 and onwards. Now more than ever, every business is being affected by Lockdown Regulations and social-distancing, which is why we all know to support our local grocers and local small businesses wherever we can. Finding local suppliers will also reduce the dealing with import delays and the dependence of international third parties.  

5. Online Education & e-Learning  

As schools, universities and colleges continue to be affected by Covid-19, it is clear to that online education and virtual training will continue to prosper in the year ahead. A lot of emphasis will be placed on helping teachers and trainers master distance education, as well as creating appropriate and successful content for it. Mobile as an education platform will also play a central role. 

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