Friday, 15 January 2021

4 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners

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4 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Running a small business is hard work. Small business owners almost never have enough time or resources to get everything done. Why not set mindful New Year Resolutions for your small business this year? This will force you to identify tasks that will benefit the business over the long-term and help create a sense of urgency for you to delegate or outsource these to others.

To help inspire yours, here are our top four:

1. Ramp up your marketing efforts

Do you have a social media presence and are you posting on a regular basis? What other marketing avenues are you using? Perhaps now is a good time to ramp up your marketing plans. Set a budget and delegate or outsource this important task. Consistent marketing will ensure consistent awareness of your company, which could result in a steady stream of leads over the long-term.

2. Get a website

In this day and age every business needs a professional website on which to promote products and services. At, we know startups and small businesses don’t have thousands of Rands to invest in custom designed and developed websites during the early stages of growth.   With our Site Builder solution companies can create their own website quickly and effortlessly, especially with our easy Drag & Drop functionality. One low monthly fee, which includes a domain name* and hosting, means less admin and zero additional costs.

3. Network

In a pandemic, traditional networking events will be cancelled. However, now more than ever, small business owners need to network and learn from others. Join digital networking groups and sign up for video conferences (local and global ones).

4. Upskill your team

Did you know that the talent you employ differentiates you from your competition? Knowledge is power. Invest in the future of your business by investing in your team’s skills. is a local domains and web hosting provider. All our solutions have been tailored to assist small- to medium-sized businesses with the best-in-breed business tools for getting online quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

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