Tuesday, 08 December 2020

Alleviating the burden of high-volume recruiting in SA's BPO/ Call-centre environment

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Alleviating the burden of high-volume recruiting in SA's BPO/ Call-centre environment

The challenge facing many recruiters in high-volume environments like BPO's, call-centres, graduate and internship programmes, is the sheer volume of applicants applying for these entry-level roles. Short of sifting through 100's if not 1000's of applicants, a process often mired with subjective biases. The large volume of applications also means that many companies steer clear of using any kind of assessment to improve quality of hire decisions because costs become very restrictive. The cost of doing a numeracy, literacy, customer skills and a few skill/ ability tests could end up more than R1000 per person.

Further to the recruitment challenge, it is a well known fact that high levels of employee turnover also plague these environments, requiring an additional solution that helps improve retention.

Encapsulate Consulting, assessment specialists, offer a world first, multidisciplinary technology solution that accurately predicts candidate and employee performance, retention and potential for a range of high-volume roles.

This web-based technology solution scientifically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks candidates according to key predictors of performance, potential AND retention.

This a brilliant assessment tool and ranking technology in one with a prebuilt library of assessments for 100s of positions and the ability to customise according to client specific requirements. These assessments intelligently screen all applicants and ranks them in a totally scientific and unbiased way based on scientifically proven predictors of performance & retention. The assessments are not psychometric so the assessment link can be built into your recruitment platform/process prior to even engaging applicants. Assessments are skills based and tested through either scenarios or objective testing. We also consider some neuro-science components and we can test the extent to which a candidate would match a company’s culture.

Just some of the benefits realised by our clients include

  • Cost-effective
  • Combines behavior and science
  • Unbiased decision making
  • Raises standards, reduces costs
  • Finds the right people-less effort
  • Placement accuracy up to 95%
  • Unlike other assessment products, this solution is not charged by number of job applicants assessed