Wednesday, 07 October 2020

Few Capsules on the South African Rand

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Few Capsules on the South African Rand

Over a decade South African’s have been plagued by corruption and chaos combined with leaders that have no interest in a nation that has the potential to become great. Our mint processing is the weakest.

I am sorry to say but Mandela R5 coin you are still worth only R5 since the day you were printed. The coin cannot be more worth than its face value unless it has been graded into a capsule. South Africa has value in many aspects of its resources but if it's shared it can help to build many communities that lack proper infrastructure and sanitation. The rand has suffered a significant downfall as the economy try to regain its momentum to become sustainable again.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, South Africa felt it the hardest. People lost their livelihood and more. We were given the short end of the stick. It's like someone decided to press reset and everything that most people worked hard for got erased by one click. We face the PPE tender looting, officials have no idea the scandal they have created and the misfortune they created through the mismanagement of capital funds.

All the cases of corruption in SA have been sweeped under the carpet. Several cases related to the ruling partying having emerged over the course of COVID19; contracts worth millions of rands have been reportedly awarded to people in government.

This has eroded the trust of the people in leadership of the ruling party. Now I am not saying that the other parties are better than the rest. Like any household, we all have our own internal demons we have to deal with and overcome. We require an extraordinary intervention, that will fight politics dig deep to address corruption, and start to remove these corrupt officials and let them face the music.

Fix our education system, fix our disastrous conditions of hospitals. Why do we as ordinary South Africans have to keep on taking the bitter pill and struggle to survive the hike of raising costs at the expense of a few corrupt leaders that have no end to taking things that never belonged them in the first place?

We had to endure the stretch of the lockdown, we had to reduce family time and much of our human rights were taken away. We were given immediate effect on notices and we just had to accept it but we stood against the powers and said it’s unacceptable. They say COVID19 has taken lives, but have this been a real fact?. We have not seen bodies piled up and so-called COVID19 centres overbooked.

This is just my thoughts.Although the rand took a tumble. I think this fake news of COVID19 deaths should come to an end. I surely expect our economy to gain aggressive movement towards growth so we can go on with our lives and get back to normal or rather a new normal.