Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Looking for new clients? There is a course for that

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Swiss-born investor and popular SA entrepreneur York Zucchi has released a series of online courses which have already assisted over 1000 entrepreneurs access new markets and clients.

Ideal for entrepreneurs who are balancing their time between working in and on their businesses, York uses his extensive experience in working with business owners across the globe to develop a series of courses which help them identify real-world strategies to find and retain new clients.

“People love to talk about the theoretical ideas behind running a small business but how many of them have actually gotten down into the trenches and run a business?” asks Zucchi.

Ideal for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives, informal skills training and entrepreneurs who are not natural sales people, these courses have proven popular with teams who are not natural sales-people.

The courses are delivered by Thinkific, a world-class online learner management solution that allows participants to study at their leisure, while still having time to focus on their businesses.

Currently, there are 4 courses available with additional modules being lined up:

The corporate sales and support for these courses are administered by Access to Market consulting firm Decusatio.

Zucchi concludes: “Whether you are in Europe, the US or South Africa, 2020 has been incredibly disruptive for business owners and I believe that it is imperative that we empower these people with the skills to be able to go out there and find new clients and help switch the SME sector on.”