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OnlineTenders Provides Strategic Market Intelligence on New Business Leads in a Struggling Economy

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OnlineTenders Provides Strategic Market Intelligence on New Business Leads in a Struggling Economy

Ensuring survival and growth for SMEs despite all odds

As the pandemic continues to sabotage the market and create problems for businesses, OnlineTenders, South Africa’s leading online platform for new business opportunities and tender notifications, is proud to provide SMEs some much needed support. The platform delivers strategic market intelligence on new business leads in a struggling economy.

In a bid to revive the economy, the South African government is injecting capital into procurement and there’s expected to be an increase in tenders. OnlineTenders will continue to help its member businesses in this scenario. By providing easy access to the most lucrative tender opportunities, OnlineTenders continues to play a crucial role for businesses in an already frail economy.

Online Tenders, Managing Director, Avinash Samlall commented, “The economy was already in bad shape. So adding even some sense of certainty in these uncertain times is invaluable. And we’re very proud that we’re able to help businesses in this way, in this time.

With more than 7,000 open tenders and business leads currently available, the platform is still the most reliable source of new business opportunities, including government contracts. OnlineTenders has also contributed to the Government Solidarity Fund and to the Food For Life (FFL) outreach programme.

Mr. Samlall further remarked about the matter, “The combined burden of an already struggling economy and the effects of this pandemic has dealt a serious blow to businesses, especially SMEs. This makes the work of OnlineTenders even more crucial. We’re positive that our platform will continue to give businesses the strategic market intelligence and competitive advantage that’s important for them more than ever.”

The tendering platform hopes to alleviate the struggles of SMEs with its continual supply of tendering opportunities and market intelligence on new business leads that can ensure survival and even growth for businesses.

Founded in March 2007 and based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, OnlineTenders is a trusted tender notification service throughout Africa. Each day, new opportunities are listed from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout South Africa and Africa. Using hi-tech online Internet software, tenders and business leads are collected and classified by industry type, keywords and regions to match exactly the kind of tenders relevant to your business. You can learn more about the OnlineTenders at

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