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Monday, 16 March 2020 14:15

Creating Wealth through the Taxi business

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Creating Wealth through the Taxi business

Sithembile Mthethwa is one of many clients who have been helped by Ithala to finance their taxis through Ithala taxi finance. A self-made businesswoman in the male-dominated taxi industry beamed with joy when she received the keys of her Toyota Quantum from Toyota Scottburg dealership.

“I never thought this was possible, I would like to thank Ithala for helping me grow my business and offering me affordable monthly repayments. I am a breadwinner at home and this taxi business is the only thing that feeds my family and helps me take my kids to school, Said Sithembile Mthethwa” A pioneer in banking the unbanked in KwaZulu-Natal, Ithala SOC Limited is a registered financial services provider mandated to help ordinary South Africans to manage money and create wealth. “We have simplified our taxi finance process to make it easier for our clients.

Our competitive rates are an added advantage to our clients as they make the monthly repayments affordable which is a big deciding factor for clients when deciding where to get finance. ” Said Shane Moodley the Executive Head of Retail Business and Banking at Ithala. "I’m building a legacy for my kid’s future and their coming generation through this taxi business. I now have 3 taxis and will be coming back to Ithala to finance another taxi." Sithembile is the living proof that wealth creation is a possibility for all South Africans, regardless of where you live or your previous financial status.

A widow from the rural Ebusingana at Emazizini, Bergville is determined to succeed at all odds.  Ithala SOC Limited provides a range of key savings and investment products, insurance services and personal and home loan products to communities throughout KZN. A distribution network of 39 branches in KZN provides convenient transacting facilities.  

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