Thursday, 05 December 2019

Durban Kids Launch Their Own Online Store

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Durban Kids Launch Their Own Online Store

Siblings Gianna, Kenley and Danica McIntosh aren’t your average kids – they just launched Kidpreneurs, a handmade Bath Bomb business at 8,6 and 5 years old. These Durban kids were born in the Middle East and arrived in South Africa in 2015, and are groomed for business by the parents.

After a successful launch at their local shopping complex in Queensburgh, Durban, the siblings are being bombarded with bulk custom orders for Christmas, as well as orders for bath bomb party favours. Their online store, was set-up so that their bombs could be sold to South Africans across the country. Their booming business sells handmade bath bombs that transform your bath into a luxurious spa experience by fizzing and releasing essential oils and fragrances. In addition to bath bombs, the McIntosh siblings make Shower Steamers, which you place in the corner of the shower and as hot water splashes on the steamer, essential oil fragrances are released. The McIntosh siblings hope to see their products being sold in major stores across South Africa.

8-year-old Gianna hopes to be a property developer when she is older. 6-year-old Kenley hopes to be a builder, while the youngest sibling Danica wants to own a bakery. These money-savvy kids plan to invest their business proceeds to fund their tertiary education. One thing is for sure….with a strong entrepreneurial foundation, these kids are destined for greatness!