Monday, 27 January 2014

Who gives a fax? FAXFX does

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It has been said time and time again that faxing has gone the way of parachute pants and neon socks, but there is one company that not only does not agree, but that is proving that faxing is a smarter, better way of getting information from one place to the next. That company is FaxFX, the business that offers consumers and businesses alike the chance to fax documents, receive them and do a whole host of other things from the comfort of their desk chairs.

Some may be asking what the differentiating factor is between faxing from your office machine and faxing from your online account. FaxFX addresses these questions, and many others, on its website and has the experience necessary to provide the answers people are seeking. But then, aren’t other fax to email companies doing this too? 

Well, FaxFX has a service that is more than just a fax to email offering. They provide everything from online faxing, both sending and receiving, to archiving and storage online and more. One of their exceptional offerings is portability, the service that allows you to send and receive faxes on the go from a mobile device or tablet. Their mobile site, is an easy-to-use, intuitive and good-looking one that allows those who have signed up to do all of their faxing wherever they are, and whatever the time is. 

FaxFX prides itself on providing more than just a document transfer service. It is also a provider of business solutions. When any business owner considers the amount of time that is wasted on a traditional fax machine, the time that could be saved by using fax to email, the benefits of the service become obvious. In addition, FaxFX prides itself on security and privacy. All documents sent to an intended recipient go straight to their inboxes, and anything stored on the company’s secure servers is kept secure using the latest in security technology.

FaxFX has built itself a client base of large corporate institutions and individuals, all of whom have found the fax to email services they provide so useful and efficient, they can no longer go without them. South Africa has yet to be bitten by the fax to email bug, but thanks to FaxFX’s exceptional service offering, this trend is starting to become more popular.

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