Tuesday, 21 January 2014

FaxFx is Saving the Planet, One Fax at a Time

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Going green is certainly no new initiative, but for those individuals and businesses that really make the effort to reduce their carbon footprint, there is good news. A new player on the market of going green has just emerged, and though they are no strangers to the corporate world, it is only recently that their contribution to a greener world has begun to be noticed. FaxFX is starting to really make an impact on businesses all over South Africa, not just for their own contributions, but also for the ways in which they can assist other businesses and individuals to become more eco-friendly. 

Fax to email services have long been lauded for their reduction of paper and ink usage, but it is only through the emergence of services such as those provided by FaxFX, that people are starting to sit up and take notice of these. What was once on the fringe of business processes has begun to be a central feature and these days, few businesses would dream of being without a fax to email service. 

Where FaxFX really distinguishes itself is with its exceptional offering that is regularly monitored and improved. This is certainly an asset to any business or person who chooses to use their services, but when it comes to going green, they really stand out. With services they offer, businesses are able to put their old fax machines out to pasture, and no longer need to use as much paper or ink. 

The reduction of paper is of course, directly related to the staunching of deforestation, a necessity if we hope to preserve out greenery for future generations. As for ink, ink cartridges and other elements used in fax machines, these items have caused devastation in landfills, and to rivers during their production, since the early 1980s. A service such as the one provided by FaxFX then, allows for the severe reduction of ink and paper use, a reduction in landfills, preservation of our water sources and no more trees being chopped down. 

Any business, and individual for that matter, can no longer be without an eco-conscience, and it is every person’s responsibility to ensure that they contribute to preserving the planet. FaxFX is certainly making a huge contribution in this arena, and will continue to offer products and services that make is easier for anyone to play their part in saving the environment.

For more information please contact Faxfx at www.faxfx.co.za