Thursday, 06 August 2020

Hlengani can help you manage crises

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In July, we celebrated our late former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday. During this month, South Africa spreads love and extends kindness, embracing Ubuntu because “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”.

The restoration and extension of some lock-down restrictions continues to strain our economy, which is already struggling. Many businesses and organisations have taken to the streets, others began to strike and challenge government’s decisions to extend lock-down restrictions as this has negatively impacted their business operations, even much longer than anticipated.  

The number of infections and the death toll continues to rise rapidly and during this difficult time, reputation management services and crisis communications have become more crucial than ever for any business. Companies are uncertain about the future; most have begun to retrench employees while others continue to face different challenges as no one really knows when things will get back to normal.

At Hlengani, our main objective is to positively represent our clients. During this time, we urge all businesses to make use of our Reputation management and Crisis communications services. “We are aware that many companies are going through hardships, but this is not the time to drop the ball. Consult with us today and get expert advice to navigate through any crisis and stay above the water” said Mr Themba Hlengani, Director of Hlengani & Associates in a statement.

Strategic, crisis communications and reputation management are a crucial tool during a time like this. Hlengani & Associates develops crisis communication plans to assist any organisations facing a challenge. We create unique step by step plans to assist clients to navigate their way out of the crisis and create a positive favorable public image.

Organisations need to ensure that they remain transparent and serve their employees and clients as best as they can, more especially during a time like this. We believe that crises are not always negative, when managed properly they can present viable opportunities to out-stand competitors. “Do not hide information or pretend that business is going well, let us help you!” Hlengani concluded.