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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 15:22


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In preparation for lifting of the lockdown, a free website listing service is being offered to job seekers, employers and small business such as electricians, plumbers, web developers, consultants, mechanics, carpet cleaners and pest control businesses, amongst many others, without any requirement for them to have a website or digital presence. has over 7700 job applicants listed on its site and will focus on marketing these listings to employers on social media, Google ads and in the media as a free service.  

“We anticipate for example, a huge spike in demand for call centre staff from both government and the private sector as the lifting of the lockdown begins. We believe that government organisations and businesses will be appointing more call centres to take queries from the public, their staff and customers regarding, in just one instance, government COVID payment distributions, UIF queries and extensions to debt repayments,” explained Jaques Barnard, a director of 

“ already has over 1250 call centre applicants listed. An increase in the employment of call centre staff will take the load off management who will want to get their businesses active as soon as possible.” 

Mr Barnard said the job market is changing rapidly and job posting has reduced significantly. “The expected number of job losses further inspired us to ensure that the unemployed continue to have a presence in the job market through having a presence on our site.” 

“In addition, SMMEs will be wanting to market their business as effectively as possible. We are therefore offering free listings of their services and will also market these businesses on Google and social media,” he added. 

“Job applicants and SMMEs simply go to and create their personal or business profile at no cost. Employers can go to the site and search for specific job titles and communicate directly with applicants at no cost. Our task is to drive traffic to the website to facilitate direct communication between job applicants and employers on the one hand, and between SMMEs and people looking for a service provider,” added Mr Barnard. 

“We believe that by supporting the small business owner we can help grow the economy and directly help create opportunities for the unemployed and SMMEs.” 

“What is important to note is that is not a labour broker, nor a recruitment agency, we advertise and market skills and services,” he concluded.

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