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[] First major milestones Soekershof in USA and Europe A 'snailmail' to approx. 500 (specialist) touroperators with 'leakage' to some media a few months ago had a remarkable result in especially the USA and Europe.
[] The Freedom Toaster will be visiting the iCommons Summit being held in Rio de Janeiro from 23 to 25 June 2006. Incubated by Creative Commons, the summit organisation aims to bring together pioneers in the fields of free and open source software, open access, open content and open science…
Wednesday, 24 May 2006 04:00

Toast to open source

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On Wednesday, May 17, 2006, Sun's Open Source Community is building a Freedom Toaster for Khayelitsha township in South Africa.
Impi Linux and The Shuttleworth Foundation have announced a combined exhibition of several related initiatives; these include the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Freedom Toaster, tuXlabs and Impi Linux itself. The exhibition will be co-hosted at LinuxWorld, taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 16 to 19 May, co-located with…
[] South African National Parks Board’s (“Sanparks”) proposed slaughter of over 5,000 elephants in the Kruger National Park (KNP) is untenable, according to Lawrence Anthony, Founder of The Earth Organization, a South African-based international conservation organization.
[] MORNINGSIDE, South Africa – July 15, 2006 – Airstream, a South African based manufacturer of an innovative cycling earwear product, today announced it has changed its name to Slipstreamz and is now shipping an extensively redesigned version of its product called, “The Slip.”
[] Ebermannstadt / Johannesburg - Centracell, one of South Africa’s leading service providers for least-cost routing (LCR) solutions and German-based Vierling Communications have established a distribution partnership in South Africa that will offer highly advanced digital gateway technology, based on the Vierling suite of products. Vierling will supply its entire…
[] Speaking at this year’s tourism festival in Berlin, Beckenbauer described South Africa as the new frontier of travel. "South Africa changes you’" he said. What he loves about the country he frequently visits, is the warmth of its sunshine, its wild spaces and its attitude to make things go…
[] Holiday Rentals in Cape Town , the leading provider of luxury self catering villas and apartments in Cape Town, reports an influx of tourists into Cape Town, who had previously planned a vacation in Lebanon.
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 20:08

Namaqualand Spring Flowers 2006

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[] The annual Namaqualand spring flower display is in full bloom and despite having started weeks earlier than usual, it is expected to peak in the third week of August. This year is said by many to be the best year in a decade with the potential financial boon for…
[] Denise Dogon, CEO of the innovative and dynamic real estate company, Dogon Group Properties, announces the Groups expansion to include Noordhoek. With the groups' phenomenal growth on the Atlantic seaboard, the City Bowl, and Hout Bay, Noordhoek is the next logical step.
Tuesday, 07 February 2006 04:00

Flirtnet - When Frikkie Met Irene

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How Flirtnet’s 21st Century Technology Helped Two True Lovers Meet Their Match, Just In Time for Valentine’s DayGiddy with glee, dizzy with the scent of perfume and roses, the season of love is upon us. And that means lots of work for Cupid, the chubby little cherub whose mission on…

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