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{pp}Associations are, by their very nature, actively involved in bidding for and hosting local and international conferences, exhibitions and events on behalf of their members, based both locally and internationally.  Many developed countries have devised sophisticated models for the bidding, funding and hosting of Association meetings.
Tuesday, 03 April 2007 14:30

Stop the Flu Bug...Before it stops you!

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{pp}Influenza, or flu as it is more commonly known, is a highly contagious, respiratory infectious disease.  Even though the general public has become rather blasé about colds and flu, as viral infections they both pose real health threats that can, in the worst case scenario, result in death.
{pp}Ananzi's new platform for e-commerce makes online shopping more convenient and user friendly. Ananzi has joined forces with Cape Town based online shopping site PriceCheck to introduce a new e-commerce platform in the form of .
{pp}South Africa has experienced a transformation during the last 12-years to rebuild a nation and improve the ability to compete within business. A problem, which slows down the economic growth, is the lack of skills of employees. The government is committed to deal with this and gave development priority. The…
{pp}Ananzi Maps has once again raised the bar in online mapping by providing visitors the option of switching between street map mode and aerial image viewing. This addition is the newest advancement to the online mapping system on Ananzi Maps.
Thursday, 29 March 2007 11:54

Face and POTART I

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{pp}FACE - Downstairs at 34 Long, 3 April to 5 May 2007. Portraiture is an ancient art form, twenty seven thousand years at least, as confirmed by a drawing of a face discovered on a cave wall in rural France last year. Yet it remains one of the most contemporary…
{pp}Capetonian Ray Chaplin [26] will be running the Old Mutual Two Oceans half marathon on Easter Saturday 7 April to raise much-needed funds for the event’s official charity, Habitat for Humanity South Africa.
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 16:34

PriceCheck secures venture capital

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{pp}PriceCheck (, South Africa’s popular online shopping search engine, has signed an agreement with Cape Town-based Staal Internet (Pty) Ltd. With this participation PriceCheck is taking a big step towards its goal of becoming the market leader for online shopping in Africa. For consumers PriceCheck offers an extensive and independent…
{pp}False Bay recorded only R34 million in residential property sales during December 2006. Doom and gloom? No. January recoded R132 million but it did not stop there. February sales were R128 million, figures that send pessimists scuttling. This is not all, a record 102 properties were sold during the short…
Friday, 23 March 2007 11:32

Staff Changes At Event Production Company

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{pp}The Event Production Company is pleased to announce recent promotions and appointments.Chris de Villiers, who has been with the company for 7 years, was recently promoted to Manager Nigeria, as we have expanded into Africa. However he will still oversee key accounts in South Africa. Chris was previously Operations Manager…
Friday, 23 March 2007 11:30

Successful Black Tie Event

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{pp}The Event Production Company has just returned from Cape Town, where they co-ordinated a successful black tie presentation for 150 people on behalf of SABC for the launch of ‘90 Plein Street’. Ably representing The Event Production Company was project assistant, Pumla Sithole and Project Director, Chris de Villiers from…
Friday, 23 March 2007 11:24

Staff Promotions At Vodaworld Events

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{pp}Penny Gilchrist has recently been promoted to General Manager at Vodaworld Events. Previously Penny was the Banqueting Manager for four years at the same venue. Penny brings with her 6 years experience in the industry and her motto for 2007 is, “it is not about what you achieve in life,…

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