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{pp}South Africa is quickly moving into a fiercely-paced decade of property development which has never been seen before. Despite being touted a property “hot spot” over the past few years, the Eastern Cape’s property markets have been held back by inadequate finance and slow government bureaucracy. Support from the private…
{pp}The newly founded South African Rugby Supporters Union (SARSU), was just launched in Johannesburg, South Africa.
{pp}The sale of six very different houses in Hout Bay by Gerald Romanovsky of Dogon Group Properties over the past eight weeks highlights the increasing demand for properties in an area that is attracting an eclectic mix of buyers who want to express their individuality through their homes.One of the…
{pp}In the lead up to the coolest thing happening in Cape Town today, there’s been a lot of uphill, but It’s all downhill from here! We’re talking about the Cool-Runnings toboggan track on the hillside opposite the Bellville Velodrome. Cool-Runnings is Africa’s first toboggan run, not on snow, but on…
Monday, 11 June 2007 17:14

Take a Fresh Look at SodaStream

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{pp}SodaStream, the brand which is synonymous with the childhood memories of many South Africans has been rediscovered as a contemporary environmental hero. SodaStream has reinvented itself with a whole new range of SodaStream machines, larger bottles and a wide variety of flavours, which promises to make SodaStream a firm favourite…
Monday, 11 June 2007 15:36

Rival selected to conduct research

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{pp}A leading player in the Telephone Management Systems space has selected Rival Industrial ( to conduct part of their market research.
{pp}With global warming now pretty much a fait accompli, unless you're American or Chinese, the need to make changes to the way we live has become increasingly evident. The world, its weather and its landscape will not survive in its present state if we do not. All of which seems…
{pp}Synergy Corporate Technologies S.A. delivers the first Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 developer and designer training to South Africa. Synergy Corporate Technologies an international Infrastructure and Development services firm has announced training dates in South Africa for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) developer and designer training.  Synergy is the…
Friday, 08 June 2007 00:53

New Book Release: Pedlar of Poison

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{pp}Larry Dee explores the vicissitudes of life in a violent South Africa after freedom, with Print on Demand availability of his novel “Pedlar of Poison”, at
Thursday, 07 June 2007 20:20


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{pp}A laptop stolen in Johannesburg has been recovered and will be returned to the rightful owner within the next few days, this is thanks to a Johannesburg based anti-crime initiative.
{pp}FundWorks SA today announces that Allan Gray has licensed and will be implementing FundReports, FundWorks’ Enterprise Client Communications and Reporting platform. Allan Gray will use FundReports in South Africa for the production of Monthly, Quarterly and Ad Hoc Client Reports for its Institutional clients.
Wednesday, 06 June 2007 19:59

First South African Joomla! Day

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{pp}For the first time in South Africa all those who are in some way involved with Joomla! will get together to share ideas and experiences with the open source content management system. The day aims at allowing all Cape Town Joomla! users, designers, developers, administrators, trainers, webhosts and other related…

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