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Jul 23, 2014, 14:10
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Maximise speed, performance and reliability of your PCs and servers- automatically!

29 September 2008
{pp}Diskeeper defragments your hard drive in the background with absolutely zero overhead. It uses a process called InvisTasking which means it will only defragment your hard drive when resources are available, with as little as 2% free disk space!

For the typical home user there is Diskeeper 2008 Professional and for high end systems and power users there is Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier. For servers there is Diskeeper 2008 Server and there is also Diskeeper 2008 Enterprise Server which can handle high capacity, high traffic enterprise level servers 27/7 whilst providing maximum file performance. There is also Diskeeper 2008 Administrator which provides centralised defragmentation management, alerting, and reporting tools to empower System Administrators with easy network-wide control.


Defragmentation involves storing files that have been broken up (fragmented) into contiguous segments. Normally this defragmentation would need to be scheduled and could take several hours, rendering resources (i.e. computer and staff) useless. This is obviously a waste or time but it is also a waste of money! Automatically defragmenting your hard drive also means that there is less strain on the read write head to store and retrieve data which results in using less electricity as well as prolonging the life of your hard drive.


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