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Accelerate your computers and networks!

21 August 2008
{pp}After some time we may all find our computer speeds becoming sluggish and delayed. This is most likely the result of fragmentation. Fragmentation is where a file is scattered around on a disk in pieces instead of being stored in one contiguous area on a disk. The solution? Diskeeper is defragmentation software that will give your computer a surge of speed by systematically resolving your defragmentation problems.

One of the main features of Diskeeper is that it automatically defragments your hard drive through a process called InvisiTasking (i.e. “invisible” and “multi-tasking”), which is a revolution in the scheduling of computer resources.

It has been designed to run in the background, automatically defragmenting your hard drive, without hampering system performance or resources availability! This can be done regardless of the size of the network with as little as 1% free space available and means that scheduling for  defragmentation does not have to be deliberately planned and carried out any longer.

Another very beneficial feature on some Diskeeper versions is I-FAAST (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology). This is when the most popular or commonly used files are stored on the most optimum position on the disk to allow for the fastest access to those files as possible.  I-FAAST gathers information about disk performance and file access patterns and then uses this information to accelerate file access where it's needed the most, and can automatically adapt to varied user patterns.  I-FAAST can improve the creation and access of files by up to 80%, with an average improvement of between 10% and 20%!

To see how Diskeeper speed up your computer or network download your FREE 30 day trialware TODAY at or contact us for more information at .

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